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Special Plan on the Development of Science & Technology in Medical Device Industry (2011 ~ 2015) Released
    Pubtime: 2012-04-23

In November 2011, the Ministry of Science and Technology formally issued the Special Plan on the Development of Science & technology in Medical Device Industry (2011 ~ 2015) (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), which blueprinted that by 2015, China will initially establish the medical device R & D and innovation chain, technological innovation ability of the medical device industry shall be significantly improved; breakthroughs shall be made in a number of common key technologies and core components, a number of basic medical device products with independent intellectual property rights, high-performance , high-quality, low cost and less dependency on imports shall be developed to meet the demands of the construction of primary health care system in China and routine clinical diagnosis & treatment needs; the policy environment for technology innovation and industrial development shall be further improved to foster a number of innovative brands, substantially increase the industrial competitiveness, and realize the fast development of medical device science and technology industry.

(Source: Chinese Pharmaceutical News 2012-02-01)

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